3 Clever Ways To Make A Store Bought Cake Look Better

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We’ve all bought cookies and brownies from a store and “repackaged” them to make them look better or homemade. It’s nothing to be embarrassed about, ladies. We’ve all done it in some degree one time or another. Reasons for such treachery could be because your child conveniently forgot to inform you of the need for home baked goods until the night before or your ever dependable mom brain just flat out forgot about it. It’s called motherhood and it’s a good excuse as any. Tip: fess up and tell the truth if someone asks if you made it. Don’t try to own the recipe. Better yet, share your secrets to other moms who need some skills on pastry “misdirection”. Who knows, they may need it someday.

When it comes to making store-bought cakes look more upscale (or look like they came from your kitchen), follow these very clever tips from Buzzfeed Nifty.


Any tips on making store-bought pastries look better? Share it in the Comments.