How To Wear Pantone’s Fall Colors For 2016

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If you aren’t a fan of the tender pastels for Pantone’s declared color of the year, perhaps you’ll be more into the colors of fall.

Let’s face it, in our country we aren’t graced with a multitude of seasons. It’s just either a wet or dry point in the year, so what are we to do with a bunch of colors meant for a season we don’t have? We say get creative!

According to Leatrice Eiseman, Executive Director of the Pantone Color Institute, the inspiration for the ten hues this year was built on “the desire for tranquility, strength, and optimism.” It’s steered by the positive calm color of blue and accompanied by several colors not too far off from spring’s bright pastels, just a couple of notes darker.

Fantastic news if you’re one to go with the trends because you don’t need to invest too much on clothing, right? It also helps that the colors are drawn from earthy tones, leaving some room to reuse some select warm-colored pieces that you may have lying around.


You might be wondering at this point how you’re supposed to wear these colors out when there are just so many. Luckily we’ve got a few tips for you! See them below.


First off, the lead color of Riverside is a sign denims aren’t about to go out of style anytime soon. Keep the casual jeans and the lovely denim skirts, dresses, and shirts!


Airy Blue is a darling powder blue that you’ve maybe got in a few polos, and blouses already. Keep ’em, we love them, too.


The gray variant, Sharkskin, is perfect for add-ons like cardigans and sweaters to allow the more vibrant colors to pop.


The brighter colors like Aurora Red, Dusty Cedar, Lush Meadow, are best used to accentuate unless of course they already fill in an entire block of your outfit (i.e. your dress or a midi skirt). Having a printed piece with a fusion of these colors like this isn’t bad too.


Bodacious is perfect as a beautiful floral or abstract print.


Pair to love? Spicy Mustard and Potter’s Clay. The latter’s reminiscent of 2015’s color of the year (Marsala), and the former like Golden Ochre. Perhaps a Spicy Mustard dress and an earthy Potter’s Clay coat for the workplace?


Lastly, who doesn’t love a natural brown like Warm Taupe? Stock up on your nude lippies and save the cozy cardigans you’ve got in the same color! Maybe even invest in those sleeveless coats. They’re stylish, but they’re not going to be as difficult to wear in our weather.

See the Pantone colors for Fall 2016 here.

Photo: Refinery29

How do you plan to use the Pantone’s Fall colors this year? Share it with us in the Comments!