10 Summer Travel Essentials

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Packing for your whole family, even for a quick vacation, has been proven by mothers to be a gargantuan task. Let us lift some of the burden off your shoulders with this list of what to bring to your next summer trip.

1. Sun protection.

Keep the fun in your fun-under-the-sun activities by making sure no one gets sunburnt. Depending on what you’ll be doing in your vacation—whether it be swimming, hiking or plain sight seeing, make sure to bring along sunscreen, rash guards, hats, small foldable umbrellas and UV ray sunglasses.

2. First aid kit

Be ready for minor scrapes and bruises, colds, allergy or asthma attacks while on the road. Fill your first aid kit with the basics such as band aids, gauze, skin tape, Neosporin, Betadine and insect bite repellents and ointments. However, if any of your family members has special medical needs, do not forget to pack enough prescription meds to last you the whole trip.

3. Food and refreshments

These are for the in-between restaurants and meals. Kids, even you, will get hungry on the road, especially when the ride, or the flight, will take more than a couple of hours. Pack easy to eat snacks like biscuits, sliced fruits, granola bars, juice boxes and individual water bottles for the kids. Try to bring healthy snacks, but a couple of yummy snacks are okay, too. However, don’t give the kids too much sugary snacks, or else, they’ll be restless and will be bouncing off the walls before you can say, “Are we there yet?”


4. Camera with tripod or selfie stick

Don’t let new memories or experiences go unrecorded! Bring along a portable tripod or selfie stick, so you are sure to get everyone in the picture or video every time. TIP: Charge your camera every time you go back to the hotel to make sure you have uninterrupted recoding time. Bringing an extra memory card may also be a wise decision.

5. Gadgets and chargers

Bring a laptop or a tablet with you so you can always access the internet. Last minute tour bookings or cancellations will not be a problem when you can get online. Plus, you will be able to touch base with urgent matters at work and at home. However, gadgets are nothing without their chargers, so do not forget them. If you have portable wifi you can bring with you, better.

6. Backpacks for the kids

If your children are big enough to carry their own backpacks, fill them with activity materials such as crayons, toys, notebooks, markers, etc. These will keep them busy in between trips in your itinerary. Keep a couple of small snacks, a water bottle and an extra shirt in there too, just in case. This will also teach them about responsibility and independence—taking care of their own things and learning to get what they need without asking mommy for them every time.

Take your cue from Olivia Palermo's best summer outfits
Take your cue from Olivia Palermo’s best summer outfits

7. Dressy clothes and shoes

Of course, you need to be comfy (but still cute) whenever you travel, but it’s also smart to pack some dressier options. You may discover a fancy restaurant near your hotel you would like to try or you may even find the time to hear mass in the historic cathedral you visited earlier. It’s best to always pack at least one dressy outfit with matching shoes for these rare occasions.

8.Weather-proof clothing

You’re travelling during the summer, yes, but we all know that we cannot depend on the weather these days. Sudden gusts of winds or rains are unlikely but may threaten to dampen the fun. Packing light raincoats or waterproof jackets for the kids may be a wise thing to do.

9. Troubleshooting

Having foresight and being ready for the unexpected is as important as having a list of things to see during your vacation. Get ready for things like luggage breaking, seams bursting and shampoo spilling by packing a travel sized sewing kit, some duct tape, a Swiss army knife and Ziplock bags.

10. In case of emergencies.

Especially when travelling abroad, always have a list of telephone numbers and addresses of people you can contact when you get in a bind, such as your relatives living near the area or even your country’s embassy. Also, keep a photocopy of your passport and visas with you at all times while keeping the originals in a safe at your hotel. Make it a point not to bring all of your money with you in all of your trips. Leave some, together with a credit card, in the safe at your hotel with your passports.

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