10 Movies For A Girls’ Night In

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Perhaps it’s been a while since you’ve last had the chance to spend some quality time with your girlfriends, and over the catching up and food binging, you need a heaping dose of feel-good chickflicks to play through your night. We’ve come up with a short list of movies to accompany the bonding session—catchy songs and jaw-dropping hunks included.

1. When Harry Met Sally

A true classic in the world of cinema. Who could live without the tale of two old friends falling in (and out, and in) love?

2. Bridget Jones’s Diary

Humor, wit, and just a dash off sexiness; Bridget Jones’s Diary is one of the lighter chickflicks to get you feeling happier at the end.

3. Notting Hill

Source for the ever-famous line: “I’m just a girl standing in front of a boy, asking him to love her.” Also the kind of love story which really only happens in movies where a nobody falls in love with a movie star. (The soundtrack is pretty great too!)

4. Dirty Dancing

Have the time of your life (again) with your friends by re-watching one of the greats with Baby and Johnny getting their groove on.

5. 50 First Dates

Nothing like watching a romantic film that proves good men still exist with Adam Sandler’s tireless wooing for the girl with short-term memory loss.

6. Titanic

Young Leo DiCaprio is always a sight for sore eyes, not to mention the timeless story of Jack and Rose. We all know what happens in the end, it’s a given, but who wouldn’t want to see the couple fall in love through stolen moments, and be parted with tragic death?

7. Mamma Mia!

The film with a star-studded cast serenading you with ABBA hits is a surefire way to get you and your girlfriends singing and dancing along.

8. Crazy, Stupid, Love

Capturing your attention by opening the film with John Legend’s Save Room and making you stay with Steve Carell’s entertaining depiction of a broken-hearted man who strives to win his wife back. Wouldn’t you want a man who loves you like that?

9. Just Go With It

A movie sure to keep you entertained throughout the night as it’s filled with delightful humor, and Jennifer Aniston’s inspirationally fit body.

10. The Other Woman

Last but not the least, perhaps the movie that’ll have you laughing the most as three women form the most unlikely of friendships through a common passion: destroying a lying cheat.

Photo: Twopeasandtheirpod

Have any suggestions for other movies to watch on a girls’ night in? Let us know in the Comments!