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Stranger Danger! Teach Your Kids To Protect Themselves

10 very helpful tips to teach your kids how to protect themselves from strangers


What Not To Do When Preparing Your Kids For School

Know the proper way to prepare your kids for school. It does not include teaching them their ABCs at such an early age.


7 Amazing Cleaning Hacks You Should Try

These simple and easy cleaning tricks are a revelation


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Make Your Own Yummy Nut Butters

Try making these yummier and healthier versions of your favorite nut butters at home

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This Ad Pays Tribute To Mothers Who Have Experienced Loss

A very real and emotional tribute to moms who have lost a child

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DIY Mother’s Day Flower Pop-up Card

Tug at your mom’s heartstrings with this pretty pop-up card



Decor DIY

DIY Pom-Pom Rug

This super easy DIY pom-pom rug is a craft we can’t wait to try.

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Dreamy—Yet Achievable—Decor Ideas from Celebrity Spaces

We may not have the renovation and decoration budgets of the A-List, but we can definitely get a score of decor ideas from their not-so-humble homes.

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3 Pretty Ways To Cover Your Kids’ Textbooks This School Year

If you haven’t already, I bet you’ll be going through the motions of covering your children’s notebooks and textbooks pretty soon. Usually, most of us…


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Happy Weekend!

Read any good books lately? Happy Weekend!

What's New

Happy Weekend!

The rainy season is here, time to cool down.


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Shop The Right Swimsuit For Your Body Type

Knowing and owning your body type is the key to looking stunning in a swimsuit

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Tips To Make Wearing Heels More Comfortable

Here are surprising heel hacks worth trying


6 Beauty Resolutions You Should Keep This Year

6 beauty resolutions that are so easy to stick to, they’d be a part of your usual routine in no time.