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5 Tips On Helping Your Kids With Homework

The school year is in full swing and your kids have finally fallen into the groove of things. By this time, homework have also increased. However their workloads may vary, it is never too late to establish some good study habits and some parameters that may help them handle homework better.

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Awesome Mom Dresses Her Napping Baby As Eleven and Han Solo Among Others

Since Laura Izumikawa Choi found it impossible to “sleep when baby sleeps” (because no mom ever has), she thought it would be fun to dress her 4-month old baby in cute costumes, take her photo and post it on Instagram.

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It Takes A Strong Mother To Make Someone Strong

In lieu of the Rio Olympics 2016, P&G releases yet another touching video paying tribute to the force behind every athlete’s fortitude–their mothers.


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This Mom Throws Her Son A Target Themed Party At Target

Kara Cook makes it a point to throw her children very original birthday parties that reflect their interests. And since her son, Parker, has a passion for Target, she took it upon herself to make the celebration a reality.

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Soft And Chewy S’mores Cookie Bars

I wanted to make the most out of the marshmallow fluff I bought and I knew I had to make something that had graham crackers and chocolate in it. Because s’mores. That’s why when I happened upon a S’mores Cookie Bars recipe, I knew I just had to try it.

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DIY Finding Dory Party Hat

Disney Pixar’s Finding Dory is all the rage in kiddie party themes these days. We give you an easy DIY Dory party hat that will surely be a hit with the kids and kids at heart.



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3 Pretty Ways To Cover Your Kids’ Textbooks This School Year

If you haven’t already, I bet you’ll be going through the motions of covering your children’s notebooks and textbooks pretty soon. Usually, most of us…

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Create Your Own Lady Lair

If you have available space in your home, may we suggest creating something we think every mom should have? Your own perfect sanctuary.


A Peek At Target’s New Kids’ Décor

If you’re looking into redesigning your little one’s room, we urge you to consider the style of Target’s new kids’ décor to be released on…


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Happy Weekend!

Take that photo and make memories this weekend. Happy Weekend, folks!

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Happy Weekend!

Smile. It’s a long weekend!



How Not to Be a “Hot Mess” this Summer

If you can’t beat the heat… might as well be smart about it!


2016 Hottest Swimsuit Trends

Summer is finally upon us! Take your cue from 2016 Miami Swim Week Resort’s hottest swimsuit trends as featured in Resort 2016’s style offerings…


Senior’s Fashion: Older Women Share Their Style

Got a passion for fashion? A group of older women share their style and serve as solid proof that with age comes knowledge, confidence, and flourishing…